At Giga Medical, our physicians knowledgeable in the field of travel medicine can help their patients prepare for trips abroad by providing advice on ways to prevent or mitigate travel-related illnesses. 

Visits may last between 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the vaccinations required. Please allow yourself enough time for this visit. These visits cannot be rushed especially when vaccinations need to be given.

Travel Medicine

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The initial consultation for travel abroad should ideally be made at least six weeks before departure to allow time for booster immunizations and assessment of any adverse reactions. Information regarding travel including all of the places to be visited, dates of travel, duration of the trip and the purpose of the visit will be required during your visit.

Each year as many as 45 million Americans travel abroad, with about 20 million of them spending time in rural areas or developing countries, locations where the risks of contracting an illness are great.

One third of persons who travel abroad experience a travel-related illness, usually diarrhea or an upper respiratory infection. On a typical two-week trip, travelers "lost" an average of three days because of illness.